General Overview on receiving mobile money and card payments on Keepsales


Keepsales allows you the customer to receive payments from your customers directly on the Keepsales platforms.

Meaning your customers who prefer to pay using their mobile money accounts or with a VISA Card, or MasterCard etc. can now do so without the need for having external hardware or devices.

What this also mean is that, with one account on Keepsales, you can accept both mobile money payments across all networks, and card payments across multiple banks.

With Keepsales, you are able to finally manage all payments in one place without having to multitask between different applications and hardware.

Some of the benefits include:

a. No need for expensive hardware.

b. No need to go through rigorous bank processes.

c. Cheaper transaction fees.

d. No need to manage multiple payment platforms (all your data in one place).

Summary of steps to get started:

a. Filling the application: There is a google form available, so you provide the relevant details required.

b. Update your account code on Keepsales: After you have filled and submitted the form, you will receive an SMS notification containing your account code. You update the account code to enable payment.

c. Enable payments: You have to enable payment in order to be able to use the payment feature to receive payments from your customers.

d. Create a payment page: You are able to create payment links and share to your customers via Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Customers can tap unto the link and make payments to you from anywhere they are, at any time.

Charges and Settlements Involved:
a. You are charged 2.5% for every transaction you make on Keepsales. These charges are very standard and affordable.

b. All settlements are made to you after 2 working days. Payment is powered by Paystack and so your money is safe and secure.

You are now ready to enjoy the amazing feature