How to View your total Sales in Poor Internet Mode (Offline Mode) and sync your offline transactions back online.


After you have recorded transactions on Keepsales. Click here to learn how to record sales in Poor Internet Mode (PIM) or offline mode. You would want to check your sales made for the day. To do that, on the New Transaction Page;

Click on Today’s Sales (PIM).

You are able to view your transactions made in the offline Mode.

You can click to print receipt or delete a transaction.

You can click to Refresh Transactions to reflect other additional sales made unto the Today’s sales page.

Syncing your transactions online

Once you are done for the day, and you are not recording sales, you can sync you transactions back online, so the data is stored safely on Keepsales servers via internet. You will need internet connection for syncing your transactions onlines.

Click on Sync Transactions Online.

Read the instructions carefully.

A. You must have steady internet when you want to sync your offline transactions back online.

B. Your offline transactions will be deleted after syncing. Your data will be transferred online.

Click on Begin Syncing Process.

When completed, you will receive a success sync report to that effect. Click on Done.

You will notice that your today’s sales page is empty after syncing online.

If you want to switch back to online mode, you can click on New Transaction (Online Mode) at today’s sales PIM.

Or, at the New Transaction page, you can click on Sell With Online Mode.